The Benchmark in Auditing & Accounting Services

Al Ghaith & Co is one of UAE's leading providers of personalised auditing and accounting services. The company has been operating at the highest levels of professionalism and in adherence to internationally accepted operational protocols, since 1981. Al Ghaith & Co is 100% locally owned and has been proudly serving a client mix comprising local and international clients, for over three decades. Organisations of all sizes, and across all industries, choose to trust Al Ghaith & Co with all of their accounting related needs.

The Al Ghaith & Co Philosophy

 Al Ghaith & Co was formed in 1981 by the late Khalaf Saeed Al Ghaith, with the idea of providing first class accounting and auditing services to a global clientele. The company's fundamentals are built on the development of mutual trust, the promise of integrity and adherence to the highest professional standards. Over nearly four decades, Al Ghaith & Co has become a benchmark in reliable accounting services that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Areas of Professional Expertise


Al Ghaith & Co specialises in conducting independent formal audits in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards. Auditing services are meticulously designed to add value by detecting weaknesses and making recommendations to improve trust, transparency and structure. The company's affordable services are delivered by establishing a professional relationship with each individual client.


The firm’s cost-effective services include the preparation of annual and monthly accounts, supplying temporary accounting staff, assisting in writing up accounts, accounts system maintenance, feasibility studies, cash flow forecasts, goodwill evaluations, budget & forecast preparation, liquidations and bankruptcy, VAT assistance etc.

International Partners

Al Ghaith & Co is a member of MSI Global Alliance, based in London, with independent legal and accounting firms in over 100 countries. The Al Ghaith & Co team is made up of experienced individuals holding professional international accreditations including membership of ICA, ACCA, ACMA, CPA Australia, CPA USA and ACIS.

Qualified Experts

Al Ghaith & Co is known for its customer satisfaction by focusing on internal development systems that are designed to equip staff with the latest tools and technology. The company views human capital its most precious resource and is one of the region's most driven employers in the areas of internal training, motivation and development.

Additional Services

Al Ghaith & Co offers a number of additional accounting-related services including tailor-made training (in partnership with Spearhead Gulf LLC), recruitment for accounting manpower, commercial secretary services, maintenance and filing of statutory returns, advice on accounting software, and community services.

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